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Architects of Education

More than 1100 teachers are part of our international community whose primary focus is to help teachers find new methods of teaching and encouraging young people to make positive changes in their communities. The Architects of Education and the inspirational teachers – the ones who want to make a change.

What we offer?

One of our most strategic actions is working with educators from many settings, in order to empower them in the important work of educating youth for character and action.

More than 1000 teachers participate at our courses.

Events such as the Architects of Education or International Conference of Service Learning are the ones dedicated to teachers.
We offer free resources to teachers that can use them in their classrooms.

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Advocacy for Service Learning

Since April 2014, NHF has been involved in advocacy efforts to promote non-formal education
at the national level through the Romanian Ministry of Education. We organized focus groups,
public debates, and informational campaigns, and also developed a specialized resource
database with non-formal educational methods and lesson plans for Romanian teachers to use
in the classroom.
Our efforts resulted in changes to the annual Școala Altfel (“Another Type of
School”) initiative in Romanian education. Through these changes we hope the Romanian
public education system will become more effective in educating youth for competency and

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