New Horizons for Educators

Our mission at New Horizons Foundation is to empower and equip youth – but we don’t do this work alone. Adolescents are influenced by the adults around them, and educational institutions play a particularly formative role. For this reason, one of our most strategic actions is working with educators from many settings, in order to empower them in the important work of educating youth for character and action.

of Education

Through Architects of Education, we hope to offer every teacher in Romania information, ideas, and instruments which can make their teaching more effective and give it a long-term impact. We believe that every hour spent in the classroom should inspire young people to become involved and informed citizens. The person who leads this process of inspiration is the teacher: the architect of education. Through this program, we offer teachers from Romanian public schools training courses, learning events, exchange visits, and educational resources to help them improve their classroom effectiveness and better inspire student learning.


Credo is a program based on collaboration between New Horizons Foundation and the Orthodox Church of Romania. Through the Credo program, we are training priests and laypersons from around the country to implement IMPACT – or experiential learning in general – with youth in their parishes. Although the basics of the program are the same as those of IMPACT,through Credo we also give specialized training to priests in order to better equip them with new tools for local youth ministry.

Advocacy for
Non-Formal Education

Since April 2014, NHF has been involved in advocacy efforts to promote non-formal education at the national level through the Romanian Ministry of Education. We organized focus groups, public debates, and informational campaigns, and also developed a specialized resource database with non-formal educational methods and lesson plans for Romanian teachers to use in the classroom. Our efforts resulted in changes to the annual Școala Altfel (“Another Type of School”) initiative in Romanian education. Through these changes we hope the Romanian public education system will become more effective in educating youth for competency and character.