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Think positive!

22 aprilie 2020

Nivel vârstă: 12-14 ani

Materiale necesare: calculator/ laptop/ telefon conectat la internet, doua borcane, bilețele de hârtie, creion/ pix

1. I know you have been in the house for quite some time now and probably you are bored. Take some small sheets of paper and write as many short sentences about all the things you miss. (time limit 10 min.) Ex. „I miss riding my bicycle in the park.

2. Then fold the small sheets of paper and put them in a jar.

3. Follow the link and watch a short film about a young boy called Selim. Watch it twice if you feel like it and try to remember as many details as possible.

4. Search Bangladesh on a map. Where is it? Which countries border Bangladesh?

5. Use the information from the film and map to fill in the following text.

There are many poor / homeless children around the world. One of them is _________. He is _______ years old. He lives in _____________, the capital city of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a country situated in Asia, near _______________. Every night, Selim sleeps on the _______________. He does not go to _____________ and he has no one to take care of him. Usually he sleeps with ______ or ______ other people because he is afraid that someone may steal him. Sometimes the _______________ comes and wakes them up when they are sleeping. ______________ are another problem of Selim, because they bite him during the night. Children should not live on streets. They deserve a ________ life!

6. Count the tickets in the jar. How many are they? Challenge: Think of Selim. In 10 minutes write as many sentences as you can about the positive things in your life. ex. „Even if I have to stay in the house, I am grateful for / to …” When you finish, put them in another jar.

7. Does the second jar contain more tickets than the first one? Do you have many reasons to be grateful for? 

Remember! No matter how hard it is, there are always positive things in your life! Think positive!

Information about your exercise: Selim,12, Dhaka, India / Myanmar, streets, school, 6 or 7, police, mosquitoes better/ wonderful

Propus de: Cătălina Dragoș, profesor limba engleză, Școala Gimnazială „Grigore Silași” – Beclean